Cala Saona is a beach surrounded by nature. You will love its red sunsets over the sea.

Cala Saona is one of the must-see destinations for those visiting the island of Formentera. It is only 5 kilometers from the capital of Sant Francesc Xavier.

Cala Saona beach

cala saona beach formentera

View of the Cala Saona beach

Cala Saona is the only beach located on the west side of the island and offers a unique setting. The sand is white and the crystalline sea offers sandy and sloping bottoms, ideal for swimming and relaxing on the shore. However, what characterizes this place are certainly the large red rocks that delimit the cove.

Located in a bay, Cala Saona has the power to give colors and views that you will hardly find in the rest of our island. Belonging to the Natural Area of Special Interest of Cap Alt, this beach is located in a U-shaped cove, on either side the cliffs make the landscape very suggestive.

Despite its reduced size, about 200 meters in length and 140 in width, in this place, especially during the first hours of the morning, you will enjoy an absolute peace that will make you feel almost on a private beach. Equipped with every comfort, from loungers to the restaurant with a view, we recommend staying here until sunset. It is during the “puesta de sol” (sunset in Spanish) that Cala Saona is tinged with warm and fascinating colors. Try to take a seat on the small chiringuito Kiosko Cala Saona, located in a raised area and, sipping your mojito, let yourself be enchanted by the sun that goes down behind the islet of Es Vedrà.

Even in this bay, as in other Formentera beaches, you can see the long wooden guides for fishing boats.

How to get to Cala Saona?

To reach it, once you arrive in Sant Francesc, head towards Cap de Barbaria and, continuing along this road, you will find on the right the signs for Cala Saona beach.

Along the way you will notice that, in this western part of the island, the Mediterranean scrub dominates the landscape: the entire road is in fact flanked by fig trees and carob trees. An intense scent will accompany you to the sea.

For those who reach the beach by car, scooter or bicycle, there is free parking nearby, otherwise there is a convenient bus stop just 100 meters from the beach. The L5 bus line connects the Cala Saona beach with the villages of Sant Francesc and La Savina.

The surroundings

red rocks cala saona

The reddish rocks around Cala Saona

Behind this magnificent beach there is a rather luxuriant vegetation that surrounds the end of the entire bay. In fact, you will be able to follow numerous paths along the coast south of Cala Saona; these will allow you to reach the cliffs of Punta Rasa. Here nature is still untouched, wild.

You will cross natural paths rich in savin plants, the name of the junipers that abound here on the island and you will encounter numerous aromatic plants such as thyme and rosemary, which grow relentlessly thanks to the perpetually mild climate. We leave you to imagine the perfume from which you will be literally wrapped!

Walking, you will also find many shady areas where you can enjoy a bit of coolness from the hot summer sun. Multiple pine trees, typical of the island and of the whole Balearic Islands will allow you to stop for a while. The islands of Formentera and Ibiza are called Pityuses (of the pine trees).

Another merit of Cala Saona beach is the spectacular view that you get from the coast, in fact, the contrast between the reddish rocks and the intense blue color of the water allows you to see a postcard landscape. When the sun goes down, a color palette that goes from purple to red and fades between blue and yellow will leave you speechless.

Cala Saona restaurants

The first restaurant we recommend is at the beginning of the main road that leads to Cala Saona. At km. 0.2 you will find the restaurant A Mi Manera. This place deserves a mention not only for its refined cuisine but certainly for the splendid garden in which you will dine. The soft lighting and the unique location will make this restaurant one of your favorite places.

a mi manera formentera

The restaurant A Mi Manera

Situated in a privileged position, the Restaurante Sol offers typical Spanish cuisine accompanied by a view that you will not forget. It is indeed the restaurant set in the magnificent bay. You will notice it as soon as you arrive. Not far away, but in a slightly raised position, the Chacala restaurant also offers a beautiful view of the entire beach.

Finally, for an aperitif at sunset or a romantic dinner, don’t miss the Restaurant Sol Post: it is the restaurant of the Cala Saona hotel and its terrace, treated in detail, will give you unique emotions.

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