Caló Des Mort is a small cove located in the easternmost part of Playa de Migjorn.

Caló Des Mort is one of those places that will leave you breathless. This magnificent cove is located along Playa de Migjorn (the stretch of coast with the longest beach, about 6 km) and the journey you will have to take to reach this place is a walk that you will hardly forget.

How to get to Caló Des Mort

caló des mort formentera

The beautiful Caló Des Mort

How to reach Caló Des Mort? Starting from the town of Sant Ferran, take the road to La Mola and, past the inhabited center of Es Caló, turn to Mar Y Land. Once on the parking area next to the beach, take the path to the left and walk along the shore in a raised position. Once you have crossed the chiringuito Bartolo (where we strongly recommend you to have lunch) you will be at such a height that the scenery before your eyes will be the most spectacular you could ever imagine coming to this island.

The reddish rocks and the sea, rich in gradations ranging from deep blue to turquoise, make this stretch of coast a true jewel of nature. It will be a show for the eyes and the soul. After admiring the landscape and the cove from above you will only have to go down to reach it: hold on to the rope that acts as a handrail, go down the steps carved into the rock (be careful because they are not in perfect condition) and here you are in one of the most beautiful coves of all Formentera, Caló Des Mort.

Caló Des Mort beach

calò des mort beach

View of Calò Des Mort beach

If we were to find a fault with this enchanted place, we could say that its Achilles heel is the small size of the beach. This sandy half-moon shaped cove is not very large either in length or in width.

The problem arises because of the tides that occur daily: the motion of the sea means that there are days when you will find the beach clean and large enough to accommodate several tourists, others, where the algae will be deposited on the shore thus reducing the usable space. The charm of Caló Des Mort beach is absolutely not diminished by this last factor.

It is very important to know that you will not find any bar or eateries here: equip yourself with everything you need for your day on the beach, from water (essential during the high season) to food; even a beach umbrella to shelter you from the sun will be very useful, you will not find any shaded area.

In conclusion, our advice is to go early in the morning: in this way you will be sure to position yourself in the most suitable place for you and, if the beach gets crowded, then you can move to the larger and more welcoming Migjorn beach.

The sea

You will already notice it from the walk you take to reach the cove: here the sea takes on amazing shades of color. You will admire a scenery rich in intense blues that will vary from the most saturated blue to the lightest turquoises. This happens not only for the famous marine plant present in Formentera, the Posidonia Oceanica, able to give oxygen and transparency to the waters, but also thanks to the presence of the cliffs.

In Caló Des Mort you will therefore feel like swimming in a natural pool! Surrender to the magic of the island and be lulled by this crystal clear sea.


chiringuito bartolo formentera

View from chiringuito Bartolo

Caló Des Mort beach is characterized by the presence of “escars”: typical wooden boathouses used as dry docks for small fishing boats (in fact it is possible to see the slipway equipped with wood rails) and also as deposits for useful equipment for trips out to sea.

In this little corner of paradise, as is the case in many other Formentera beaches, naturism is widespread. Thanks to the particular morphology of the territory, Caló Des Mort is a small bay far from prying eyes. Feel free to stay in contact with nature and enter into harmony with the genius loci of Formentera.

To have lunch, if you chose to move away from the cove, not too far away you will find chiringuito Bartolo: a small stilt on the beach where you can book a table by putting yourself on a waiting list. Be patient and you can have lunch in one of the most beautiful places on the island. The style is very spartan, wooden tables and a simple but very tasty menu (we recommend their burger).
For those who love photography, this is where the instagrammed shell tree is! One of the many customary photos for those visiting Formentera.

“Every trip you live three times:

when you dream it,

when you live it

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