Es Pujols is the beating heart of Formentera, its night market will steal your heart!

Es Pujols is the main tourist centre of Formentera, where, in a very concentrated area, you can find a large quantity of small shops, restaurants, supermarkets, bars as well as numerous apartments to rent for your holidays. Located in the northern part of the island, it extends between the Estany Pudent lake (a healthy lagoon declared a natural reserve of special interest, formerly called “laguna de los flamencos” because of the large presence of flamingos) and the wonderful cliff that leads to the tower of Punta Prima.

A place suitable for both young people looking for fun and families, thanks above all to the many comforts offered, Es Pujols embodies everything you want from a perfect holiday: beach, sea, fun and relaxation!

The market and Juan: the last authentic hippie

What to see in Es Pujols? Mandatory stop for those visiting Es Pujols is the characteristic market on the promenade; it’s a bit smaller than that of El Pilar de la Mola but still no less fascinating.

Present every day from May to October, from 7 p.m. until midnight, the bright stalls with their souvenirs entertain adults and children during a pleasant walk. Run by local artisans and island hippies, they offer a variety of items, often handmade, that will remind you of your holiday once back home.

es pujols market

The Es Pujols night market

On that note, it is important to remember that, Formentera, despite the recent years during which the influx of numerous VIPs has catapulted it into numerous gossip magazines, in the 1960s was the destination of a large number of hippies; young revolutionaries, in search of a lost spirituality, found in Formentera an archaic dimension to live a simple life.

Juan is a living testimony of that culture: the only person who is allowed to set up his own stall since early morning. Hippie to the bone, Juan is a historical figure of Formentera. The peculiarity of its small jewels (bracelets, necklaces and rings) lies in the fact that they are created exclusively with colored beads. Impossible not to be fascinated by his colorful yellow stall!

You will recognize it immediately because his place is right at the beginning of the promenade and his small figure is characterized by perennially tanned skin. If you love waking up early, you can admire him during his morning stretching: stand upright (upside down to be clear) placing the arms on two posts placed near the boats on the beach; an exercise I don’t know how many we could do!

By purchasing a small item from the Es Pujols market you will always carry a piece of “isla bonita” with you.

Es Pujols beach

Despite being a small town with every comfort, Es Pujols offers beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear sea. From Playa de Sa Roqueta to Playa de Ses Canyes, in addition to the beach of the same name, all these places have something special that will remain in your heart forever. Located on the same stretch of sea overlooking Ibiza, these beaches are all contiguous and wonderful.

es pujols beach

The beautiful beach of Es Pujols

The first long stretch of beach that you will encounter, starting from the paved promenade, or from Juan’s post, is the Es Pujols beach. It will seem incredible to have before your eyes an amazing sea and, not far away, a myriad of services that will make your day on the beach truly unforgettable.
Here there will be no need for fridge bags or to bring what you need for a long and sunny day at the sea: relax and when you want something, all you have to do is walk a few meters and go to one of the many restaurants overlooking the sea (there is for all tastes, from the cheapest to the most sophisticated) or in a bar for a simple sandwich or burger or at the supermarket to get a bocadillo (sandwich in Spanish) and a cold beer!
About 500 meters long, this beach is ideal for a relaxing day.

To reach the other beaches near Es Pujols you will need to have a vehicle, be it a bicycle, a scooter or a car; Formentera has such relative distances that it will not be a problem to move!
Take the road that from the roundabout of Es Pujols leads to the port (ah the port… where one arrives happily and where one always starts again a little sad… this island is addictive… but this is another story!) and continue for about 2 km. At a certain point, on your right, you will find dirt roads that will lead you first to the beach of Ses Canyes and, a little further on, to the beach of Sa Roqueta. Here you will not find services like bars or restaurants but you will enjoy a priceless tranquility!

Es Pujols restaurants

Es Pujols offers a wide choice of restaurants that really satisfy all tastes and all pockets. Dislocated for the whole area, we will first talk about the sea view restaurants, those that, in addition to an excellent cuisine, enjoy a wonderful location.

Where to eat in Es Pujols? On the seafront, beside the night market, we find La Cava, a typical Spanish restaurant recognizable by the colored shutters that flank it; the Bocasalina, suitable for a romantic and elegant dinner; the Sa Palmera, a restaurant run by islanders and open all year round; the S’Avaradero where you can taste the excellent Argentine meat, the Casanita, frequented for its cool atmosphere and the excellent fish cuisine.

chezz gerdi

Chezz Gerdi’s hippie minibus

Our favorite is certainly Chezz Gerdi, who, more than a local, is a real institution in Formentera: from lunch until late evening you will feel pampered from the first moment. You will taste a fusion cuisine able to combine the Spanish tradition with the highest research of Italian products and you will sip unforgettable cocktails enjoying a breathtaking sunset! Moreover, for those who still do not know it, here you will find the hippie Volkswagen camper van with the written Formentera!

Finally, we cannot forget the famous Rigatoni, always very crowded during the numerous dinner shows. The formula is very simple: a fixed menu to choose between meat or fish and a DJ set with cheerful music that will make even your shyest friend dance on the tables! Frequented by hundreds of people and many celebrities in search of fun, it will not be difficult to have the latter sitting next to you.
For more detailed information, please refer to our section dedicated to the best restaurants in Formentera.

A special mention goes to the Café Miranda: a place where you will literally leave your heart. Located at the beginning of the promenade you can attend it at any time of the day. From the delicious breakfasts, to the lunch with the hamburger (amazing) until the dinner time and beyond, the Café Miranda will become one of your favorite places!

If, at the end of the dinner, you feel like having an excellent homemade ice cream, you can’t stop at the 101% Gelato & Gelati ice cream parlour: located not far from the main square of Es Pujols, this ice cream shop run by two young Italian boys offers a selected assortment of flavors, strictly produced in their laboratory; open from lunch until late evening Marco and Mauro will be happy to recommend you the most popular flavours.

Clubs and nightlife

Concentrated in a strategic area of Es Pujols, numerous bars and cafés carry out their activity from the aperitif until late at night. If you are looking for pure fun and want to stretch your legs, then here you are in the right place! We list some of the unmissable places where to start your evening: 54 Formentera, Ugly Box, Beats Bar and many others that need no introduction but that you will know with a very short walk in the nightlife district!

And if, between a glass of hierbas and a mojito, you feel like going to the disco, you will only have to be guided by the numerous PRs that promote the different evenings on the island: whether the Tipic or the Pineta is fun!


“Every trip you live three times:

when you dream it,

when you live it

and when you remember it. “


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