La Savina is home to the port of Formentera. Here you will arrive and here you will leave your heart!

La Savina is the only point of access to the island of Formentera. Here is the ancient port. Used in the past by the islanders for their commercial relations with the nearby major islands such as Mallorca and Ibiza, over the course of time the port and the town that hosts it (La Savina) have decidedly adapted to the tourist development that began several years ago.

You will reach La Savina in about 30 minutes by ferry from the port of Ibiza and, once you arrive, you will be literally overwhelmed by the scent of Formentera. You may wonder… why, Formentera smells? Yes, with its typical Mediterranean vegetation, the island is rich in figs, rosemary, pines, and many other plants that give the island a unique scent!

The port of La Savina

La Savina is a port area that goes beyond the classic cliché we are all used to. This place hosts numerous bars, restaurants, shops and even a craft market that takes place during the summer season on the waterfront of the port (open from 11am to midnight). There is also a tourist office available to give you any information you need as well as a map of the island.

la savina port formentera

The port of La Savina

We can therefore say that it is, in effect, a small town with every comfort. Once you arrive, you will find in addition to taxis, also several car rental offices in case you want to rent a car or a scooter. There is also a bus stop. With the L1 bus you can reach the towns of Es Pujols, Sant Ferran and Sant Francesc.

From the port of La Savina you can also reach the island of Espalmador thanks to the many connections, rent a catamaran for a day off the island or still walk towards Playa de Ses Illetes (for the most fearless, given the sultry heat of high season).

To visit mainly in the evening, it will be pleasant to take a walk along the seafront to admire the wonderful yachts moored at the harbor. Here your eyes will surely shine! Many shipowners or simple tourists from every corner of the world (just see the flag state) have their base here. It is therefore no coincidence that some of the island’s most exclusive restaurants are located right at the port.

Estany des Peix

estany des peix

Sunset over Estany des Peix

In this port area there is Estany des Peix, a surprising salt lagoon that offers special climatic conditions useful for those who practice sailing or any water sport. A coastal barrier, 3.4 km long, separates this cove from the Mediterranean. It is open to the sea only for a very small entrance, called Sa Boca (channel-shaped, only 20 metres wide and 1 metre deep).

Its coastline is home to several very small coves mainly used for mooring small boats. It is also an ideal place to teach children to swim thanks to the shallow sandy bottom and the absence of waves.

To visit at sunset you will be fascinated by the incredible range of colors that will leave you speechless. For nature lovers we also point out that here it is possible to observe flocks of seagulls and cormorants that are difficult to find on the other coasts of the island.

The salt pans

To the north-west of La Savina, about 2 km away, there are the ancient salt pans declared a nature reserve in 1995. Ses Salines, name of this protected area, is a very interesting place mainly from the landscape point of view. Here numerous species of migratory birds find refuge, as well as many small animals, some of which are unique in the world such as the “akis bremeri” cockroach.

salt pans formentera

The salt pans of Formentera

This area, in antiquity, was very important for the economy and development of Formentera. Salt production was the main activity of the Carthaginians before the Romans intensified the cultivation of wheat on the island, from which it derives its name.

By now abandoned the salt extraction activity, Ses Salines is very frequented by tourists especially in certain periods, such as towards the end of summer, when the salt pans take on a particular pink colour due to the presence of particular microorganisms. It is recommended to visit the salt pans in the morning or at sunset to enjoy the magnificent plays of colour that are created.

The seabed around this area is considered one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean Sea. As this is a very delicate ecosystem, diving activities are only possible with the approval of the island council. In the seabed there are immense Posidonia Oceanica meadows which play an essential role in water purification and as a barrier for the preservation of the coast, contributing to the creation and conservation of beaches and dunes. To preserve them, the Save Posidonia Project was born in 2017 in addition to numerous projects such as Formentera Sostenibile.

Restaurants in La Savina

There are many restaurants in La Savina. Some of them are high level like Molo 47, a super chic place that offers fusion cuisine combined with impeccable service and Can Carlitos (the same owner of Can Carlos located in Sant Francesc) which offers a breathtaking location and the utmost attention to every customer.
Not least are the Aigua, a refined restaurant that offers an excellent fish menu, while for an aperitif at sunset, the Cafè del Lago is very suggestive, directly overlooking the lagoon.

If you fancy a good Neapolitan pizza, then you can’t miss Pan Per Focaccia where you can enjoy gourmet pizzas as well as classic pizzas! If you are looking for a restaurant with an intimate and romantic atmosphere, Quimera is the place for you. Located inside the Hostal La Savina, it has the advantage that from the terrace you can enjoy a magnificent view of Estany des Peix. It is also the only restaurant on the island that can boast of having a Michelin star chef, Ana Jiménez García.


Initially La Savina was a small island located north of Formentera. Later it was joined to the island with a jetty and so the current port of goods and passengers was created. Its name derives from that of the islet.

In La Savina there is one of the three lighthouses on the island. Recently built, on the 4 sides are indicated the winds blowing on Formentera. The other lighthouses are located one at the southernmost point, namely at Cap de Barbaria, and one at the highest and eastern point, precisely on the plateau of La Mola.

Every year, on 16th July, the great feast of the Virgin of Carmen, patroness of the sea, is celebrated at the port.


“Every trip you live three times:

when you dream it,

when you live it

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