Playa de Migjorn is the longest beach in Formentera, about 6 km!

Playa de Migjorn (or Platja de Migjorn in Catalan) is located on the southern side of the island, that stretch of land still untouched and rich in vegetation. Between the two most extreme points of Formentera, on one side Cap De Barbaria and on the other La Mola, this sandy coastline of about 6 km, is not only the longest beach on the island but also the wildest part that has always fascinated those who visit Formentera. Rich in coves and bays, Playa de Migjorn, also called the beach of the south as it is oriented to the south, is the perfect place to get in tune with the most authentic spirit of the island.

playa de migjorn

Aerial view of Playa de Migjorn

In its extension, Playa de Migjorn is usually divided into four parts: Ca Marí which is the one closest to the village of Sant Ferran, Migjorn which is the central part, Es Arenals which is the most touristy and is characterized by a very large beach both by extension than by depth, and finally Es Copinar which is the final part. The latter is the one that precedes the marvelous Calò Des Mort beach.

To reach Playa de Migjorn, depending on your starting point, you have to take the long paved road called PM 820. It starts from the port of La Savina and continues uninterrupted to the lighthouse of La Mola, one of the 3 lighthouses of Formentera. Along this road you will see on your right, if you come from Es Pujols or from the west of the island, some dirt roads that will lead you to different points of the long beach of Migjorn.

A peculiarity of these roads is that, at their inception, they have the relative mileage calculated from their distance from the port of Savina. For example: if you read Km. 10.7 it will mean that you will be exactly at this distance from the port. It is used as a reference point, not having these streets a real name! In addition, these streets are marked with signs of the various restaurants or hotels on that stretch of beach.

Now let’s see in detail the areas that make up the wonderful Migjorn beach.

Ca Marí

Ca Marí is the first area with a beach belonging to the long stretch of coast called Migjorn. To reach it, coming from Sant Ferran, you just need to drive a few kilometers along the long paved road that leads to El Pilar de la Mola (the aforementioned PM 820): at a certain point on your right you will find the signs for Ca Marí.

Surrounded by greenery, Ca Marí is one of the most pristine areas in the whole of Formentera. It is indeed here that a lush green area begins to thicken as it gets closer to the village of El Pilar de la Mola. Maritime pines, junipers and native aromatic plants grow freely, keeping not only the splendid landscape intact but also giving an incomparable fragrance. In addition to the enchantment of nature, Ca Marí offers numerous services such as hotels, restaurants and chiringuitos.

casbah formentera

The garden of the Casbah restaurant

Among our favorite places, we suggest you: Casbah, a wonderful restaurant immersed in a tropical garden that proposes a refined cuisine and offers an impeccable service; Sa Platgeta, a restaurant overlooking the sea, in the heart of the Mediterranean scrub, run by Spaniards, has a unique location and serves traditional dishes; Kiosko 62 is one of the most authentic chiringuitos of the whole island and it is here that you will taste the “pomada”, a cocktail composed of Minorcan gin and fresh lemons from Formentera, highly recommended!!!

If you are looking for a special experience, the Pelayo restaurant deserves a special mention: here, as nowhere else, you will feel free from all thoughts. Very spartan and run by islanders, every Sunday at lunch a giant paella is cooked with a real ritual (preparation) which is pure spectacle. The pan has a diameter of… I don’t know, but about 200 portions are prepared! Set in a cool pine forest, you will have lunch with your feet in the sand watching the crystal clear waters of Formentera. A Sunday spent at Pelayo is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have on the island. I forgot: the prices are super democratic and their sangria is really good, so a great location to try paella in Formentera!

As for accommodation facilities, there are two complexes that differ greatly in terms of the services offered: one is called Real Playa and the other is the Gecko Beach Club. The first, which has been operating since 1982, is family-run, has seven rooms doubles and has an attached restaurant with a wonderful sea view. At the Real Playa restaurant you can enjoy traditional dishes in a very pleasant environment. It is also possible to spend a day on the beach without being a guest of the hotel: you can choose whether to take advantage of the service of sunbeds and beach umbrellas or to position yourself freely on the stretch of public beach.

The Gecko Beach Club, on the other hand, is one of the most modern structures on the island. Both the hotel and the restaurant offer excellent service and for those who want to be pampered there is also a well-kept wellness area. It is also possible to practice yoga by booking at the reception. If you are looking for a holiday with all the comforts, the Gecko Beach Club is the place for you.


If you decide to continue beyond the detour to Ca Marí, along the long paved road, on your right, you will notice some dirt roads. These are marked with signs showing the names of several restaurants that directly overlook the sea. This second stretch of coast is commonly called Migjorn but usually, to give a more precise indication, the beach is called by the name of the restaurant it hosts. First things first, we show you which are the beaches to visit along this fantastic coast.

lucky migjorn formentera

Kiosko Lucky on the Migjorn beach

The first detour that you will encounter is the one with the signs indicating the Kiosko Lucky and the Blue Bar. The first is a small chiringuito managed by Bolognese people that, many years ago, decided to change their life and move to Formentera. The beach in front is very busy and is composed of both a free stretch and an area where it is possible to rent beach umbrellas and sunbeds.
The Blue Bar is another of the island’s historic bars. It takes its name from the walls painted entirely in blue and works both as a restaurant and as a nightclub, in fact it is possible to drink a cocktail or go wild on the dance floor until 4 am. We also recommend not to miss on Tuesday and Friday evenings the alien show that takes place during the aperitif time. This show, for adults and children, has as its protagonist a giant alien puppet that performs with nice ballets.

Continuing beyond this detour you will meet the signs for the Es Codol Foradat restaurant. Precisely you will be at kilometre 8.9 and this typically Spanish restaurant offers traditional dishes in a truly amazing location. In front you will find a stretch of beach where you can relax after a good lunch (the restaurant is also open for dinner). Passing the detour to Es Codol Foradat, you will find, shortly afterwards, the indication for the Vogamari restaurant: directly overlooking the sea, this place is also run by Spaniards and the attentive and courteous service will satisfy your every request. The sea view, also here, is obviously superb. The nearby beach is convenient but probably not one of the most beautiful stretches of Playa de Migjorn.

Es Arenals

The next indication is the one that will take you to the widest stretch of beach, both in extension and depth. The first place you will meet is the Beach Club 10.7 (formerly Patrizia Pepe for island regulars): it is both a bar and a restaurant but we especially recommend the aperitif on the magnificent terrace overlooking the sea. Nearby is La Fragata, a historic restaurant opened in 1979 that also has apartments. The beach in front is very beautiful and even here you can choose between the free part and the equipped part.

piratabus migjorn formentera

The sea view tables of the Piratabus

Not far from these two restaurants is the famous Piratabus: whether you have already been to Formentera or that you still have to go there you will have heard of their mojito! The Piratabus is a small chiringuito which, thanks to its raised position, enjoys a privileged view of the sea.
Here the ritual of the aperitif is a magical moment: at sunset hundreds of people gather on the cliff to drink in company and admire the “puesta del sol” (sunset in Spanish). The peculiarity of this historic bar is that, the preparation of the cocktails is a real show but above all, when the sun goes down into the sea, the sweet sound of “Con te partirò” is diffused by the speakers.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a large stretch of beach with all the comforts, at a certain point, on the large paved road that leads to La Mola, you will find the deviation for the Flipper and the sign indicating Es Arenals beach. The Flipper is both a restaurant and a lounge bar, with a truly unique sea view terrace.
A few hundred meters later we find the Es Arenals restaurant which takes its name from this wide coastline. Frequented by people of all ages, its strength lies in offering a friendly and genuine service in a location that is nothing short of wonderful!

Es Copinar

Es Copinar is the last stretch of beach belonging to the Migjorn coast. To reach it, follow the signs for one of the best hotels on the island: Hotel Riu La Mola. This top-level structure has a spa, a beautiful swimming pool, entertainment for children and an evening buffet that offers excellent international cuisine. The beach in front is large and comfortable.
The next restaurant, located along the Es Copinar beach is called Es Cupinà (it takes its name from the coast). Open since 1972, this beachfront restuarant offers traditional Spanish dishes and a friendly service.

kiosko bartolo playa de migjorn

The amazing view from Bartolo

The last chiringuito belonging to the long Playa de Migjorn is the legendary kiosko Bartolo: this small azure-painted pile is a corner of paradise that exists since 1976. Very popular, get ready to queue up to taste their burgers or some delicious fresh salad. Its raised position (with its breathtaking view) and the friendly staff is unmatched on the island! It is here that you will find the super-cool shell tree!

We have therefore come to the end of our overview about Migjorn beach which offers wilder areas alternated with more tourist and equipped areas. Whether you are looking for a trendy aperitif or a lunch based on typical dishes, this beach offers numerous opportunities to satisfy everyone’s tastes!

“Every trip you live three times:

when you dream it,

when you live it and

when you remember it.  “


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