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The most beautiful places to see the sunset in Formentera

Where to admire the best sunsets in Formentera?

It is considered by many to be the island of freedom, the place of the heart where you can feel definitively free: bad thoughts, clothes and habits disappears. Formentera is loved indiscriminately by any data-cfasync="false" data-cfasync="false" type of person. Its hippy spirit, present in the dusty streets that lead to the sea, makes this patch of land the pleasant retreat for more and more people.
Famous for its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear sea, however, it is its sunsets that give it an almost mystical charm. Shades ranging from red to pink, but also to deep purple, appear unaware of their beauty. If you’ve never seen a sunset in Formentera, well, it’s time to do it!

On this small island, the moment when the sun says goodbye to the day and makes way for the evening is celebrated as a true ritual: “la puesta del sol” (sunset in spanish) is the name of this magical moment. Everyone, adults and children alike, participate at this experience.

A tangible proof of the unquestionable beauty of Formentera’s sunsets is the success of the photos posted on Instagram. That you can criticize those who are intent on capturing the best moment rather than immersing themselves in that fleeting atmosphere is more than reasonable. But, as in all things, there is the other side of the coin: the photographs, thanks to their permanence, allow us to recall the pleasant moments spent on the island.
In any case, whether you are those who are looking for the perfect light and shot or you belong to the “no social” category, Formentera’s sunsets remain one of the most beautiful sights on the island. Now, we will tell where you can admire the most suggestive.

Cap de Barbaria

At the top of the list, the most beautiful sunset in Formentera can be seen in Cap de Barbaria. This place, famous for its lighthouse, has a favorable south-west orientation. And it is on the steep cliffs where the luminous colossus stands that you should go to watch the sundown.

sunset cap de barbaria

To reach the lighthouse you will have to go by car or motorbike to the barrier gate. Until a few years ago, it was possible to get there directly with your own vehicle, but the increasing attention of the Consell Insular of Formentera to the protection of landscape, has imposed a ban on direct access. The choice was made not only from an environmental point of view but also from an experiential aspect.

The beautiful walk of just over a kilometre to the lighthouse is a highly introspective moment. You will see how nature begins to disappear near the rock and, the silence, mixed with the sea breeze, will immediately put you in connection with your soul.

But the emotions doesn’t end there. Once you have admired the lighthouse, and explored the nearby small cave, take your place on the wide cliff. The landscape around you will have a lunar aspect. In front of you only the sea and a blazing sunset. Bring a few beers and we guarantee you’ll be amazed by the spectacle of the sunset in Formentera.

Cala Saona

Right after Cap de Barbaria, the most beautiful sunset in Formentera can be experienced at the chiringuito of Cala Saona beach. Not far from the lighthouse, this location has a beautiful beach set between high red cliffs. We recommended to spend the entire day at the beach and, when the sun will goes down, take place on the small terrace on the charming chiringuito.

It is the only one on the beach and it looks like a pile-dwelling and it is the best place for an aperitif at sunset in Formentera. Order a drink, something to nibble on and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of the colours. You will be amazed by the wonder of this phenomenon!


There are places on the island that are real institutions: the Piratabus is one of them. The chiringuito, which is no longer a bus (because it really was!) has always been one of the most popular places to see the sunset in Formentera.

It is located on the wild beach of Migjorn and every evening, just before sunset, you can see a lot of holidaymakers in search of not only the perfect shot but also the best mojito on the island. Yes, because this is their signature cocktail. Prepared at a frenetic pace, it seems to have a secret ingredient and it’s hard to be satisfied with just one drink. But it is the whole atmosphere around this chiringuito that makes the sunset experience so magical.

Love and friendship have been born on these cliffs, and in the 1970s Pink Floyd, island’s lovers, came here to enjoy the spectacle of nature.  Extravagant characters, families, groups of friends, everyone can be happy in this suggestive place.

But what makes the sunset even more special is the music. At the exact moment when the sun begins to set, Andrea Bocelli’s song “Con te partirò” is blaring from the speakers near the bar. If you’ve never experienced this emotion, we can only tell you that it’s so magic! Look for the hashtag #piratabus on your Instragram account and you’ll be able to immerse yourself for a moment in that fabulous hippy-style atmosphere. A sunset aperitif at the Piratabus is a must on your list of things to do in Formentera!

Beso Beach

Formentera, multifaceted and magical as always, offers aperitifs for every data-cfasync="false" data-cfasync="false" type of person. This is the case of Beso Beach, one of the most beautiful beach clubs in Formentera, which is also based in other famous locations such as Ibiza, Tulum and Sitges. Here the atmosphere is decidedly cool! The beach bar is located on the beach of Es Cavall d’en Borras, near Ses Illetes, and has, at the same time, a wild and fashionable appearance.

To get in, you have to pay a €25 ticket, which will be converted into a credit when you enter. What you should expect is pure fun: skilled bartenders and beautiful waitresses will do everything to make you spend an unforgettable evening. It will be like being in a disco, but not quite: fun, dancing and good drinks will be the companions of your evening.

bench beso beach

Because at Beso Beach, after admiring the fantastic sunset and taking the customary photo at the bench with the famous inscription “no hay verano sin beso” (“there is no summer without a kiss” in spanish) you can go wild until late at night! If aperitifs in other locations end after the sun goes down, here you can forget about going home! In addition to drinking and dancing, you can also dine in an exclusive and trendy ambience.

Sa Sequi

Not far from Beso Beach there is Sa Sequi. Here the atmosphere changes completely, and you can breathe the really hippy spirit that characterises the whole island. During the aperitif, it is possible to sit on comfortable sofas or around small tables that look directly at the sea.

We are just a short distance from the port of La Savina and, from afar, the outlines of the moored boats can be seen: they bring a touch of glamour to the sunset scene. As the sun starts to go down, the sky begins to fill full of colours.  Watching it descend into the horizon will be one of the most beautiful sights of your holiday. We suggest to order a cocktail and accompanying it with an appetiser such as “chipirones”, tasty fried squid. It is also one of the least touristy places on the island, so highly recommended if you don’t like crowds!

El Mirador de La Mola

But apart from the beach bars, there is another place where you can admire the sunset in Formentera: el Mirador de La Mola. This place, as its name suggests, is a viewpoint and is located on the only elevated area of the island. To get there, you’ll have to take your scooter or car along the main road leading to El Pilar de La Mola. This small village is famous for hosting the hippy market every Sunday and Wednesday afternoon and for being the site of one of Formentera’s two lighthouses.

sunset mirador la mola


But where is the exact point where to see the sunset? It’s easy: you will find many tourists who, like you, will be right there to enjoy the show. In fact, from this height, the panorama changes completely. You can admire a part of the island from above, precisely the point where it narrows and the sea bathes both sides, and enjoy a highly suggestive scenario. Moreover, if you want you can also stop for dinner at the restaurant with the same name.
Some of the most beautiful photos you can find on social networks were taken from here! A palette of colours ranging from deep red to purple will stand out before your eyes.

Chezz Gerdi

We end with a symbolic place of the island, or rather, a very famous place that is home to one of Formentera’s “fetishes”: the restaurant Chezz Gerdi and its hyper-photographed Volkswagen T1 van. This colourful minibus is full of drawings such as flowers and symbols of peace where, each one of us, has at least taken a photo! On the top, just to characterise it even more, is the word Formentera.

Chezz Gerdi has an ancient history, like a legend in Es Pujols. From this restaurant has passed numerous VIP: for example Johnny Depp, Usuain Bolt, Leo Messi and many more. We don’t tell you all the names because the list is very long!
The restaurant is open from 11 am until late night and it is a place where the people love to stay for long time. If you are looking for a restaurant to enjoy the sunset and, perhaps, you have rented a house in Es Pujols (the best tourist centre), this is the perfect place for an aperitif with sea-view.

What happens during this moment is something hard to describe: a lot of people came from the others beaches to take place at Chezz Gerdi and, we can say that this is one of the most coolest situations that you can find in Formentera. Young people with a lot of energy give spread their happiness in the air! There is also a dj set with a great dj who came sometimes from Italy.

The aperitif time is definitely trendy and attracts many people who rush here after their day at the beach. The atmosphere is youthful, dynamic and above all there is always music: every late afternoon there is always a DJ in the console. Very active on social media, especially Instagram, the Chezz Gerdi team never fails to report live on the coolest aperitif on the island. In case you’re somewhere else and you’re bored, all you have to do is get in your vehicle and head to the party.

The bar area is well-stocked with top-quality spirits but, for a five-star aperitif in Formentera, we suggest you accompany your cocktails with their Iberica pizza: a house speciality that will leave you speechless. In fact, Chezz Gerdi is also one of the best pizzerias in Formentera.

Es Molí de Sal

Es Molí de Sal is a very chic and trendy place. To be welcome, you’ll have to wear a shirt if you’re a man and dress elegance if you’re a woman. We’re talking about Es Molí de Sal, a historic restaurant in Formentera that has become more famous thanks to the presence of numerous VIPs. The restaurant is located near Playa de Ses Illetes, one of the most beautiful beach in Formentera.

What makes this restaurant so special is the location: you can eat inside a real old mill typical of this little island. The aperitif takes place mainly in the outdoor area overlooking the sea. A natural terrace with an incomparable view. Probably the most exclusive place on Formentera where to see the sunset.


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