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The 10 best beaches of Formentera

Formentera is the destination par excellence for anyone looking for beautiful beaches and Caribbean sea! That’s right, because in just over 2 hours of flight from UK, you will reach the last paradise of the Balearic Islands. With an extension of only 83 km², this island boasts the most beautiful beaches in Europe, which is why they are one of the main attractions among the things to see in Formentera!

The fine white sand and crystal clear sea will enchant you. It is a well-known fact that once you visit the island, this creates addiction! Are you ready to be charmed by its beauty?

Let’s see in detail what are the 10 most beautiful beaches in Formentera.

Playa de Ses Illetes

At the top of our top ten list is this wonderful tongue of sand that has escaped the sea: Playa de Ses Illetes. It is located in the northern part of Formentera, on the peninsula of Es Trucadors. It is only 4 km from the port of La Savina (so it is also very convenient for those visiting Formentera during a day-trip from Ibiza) and only 5 km from the tourist centre of Es Pujols. Together with Platja de Llevant, located on the opposite side of the peninsula, it is by far one of the most photographed beaches on the island. After all, how can you resist to take a picture in its beautiful waters?!

As in many other beaches in Formentera, the transparency of the sea is given by the massive presence of Posidonia Oceanica, an endemic aquatic plant of the Mediterranean Sea. This organism not only releases considerable quantities of oxygen, but also protects the coast from external agents. This is why you will rarely see waves in the calm sea of Formentera.

Another feature that makes this beach one of the most popular on the island is the presence of the sand with lovely pink hues. For these reasons, the beach of Ses Illetes is certainly one of the most visited places, especially during the high season, but nevertheless, its charm remains intact.
In addition, to ensure that this paradise is not stormed, the Consell Insular has established regulated and paid accesses. Quad bikes have also been banned for a couple of years!

playa de ses illetes formentera

If you want to spend your day at Ses Illetes beach, our advice is to be an early riser. This way you will not only avoid endless queues under the sun, but you will also be sure to get in. Another useful tip is to bring on water and food for your day at the beach: there are a few restaurants on this beach, but unfortunately they are all quite expensive!

Finally, for those who want to do more than just relax , there are facilities that rent equipment for water sports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, stand-up paddle and snorkelling. If you like to experience the sea up close, you can take a catamaran trip and reach the nearby island of Espalmador.

Small curiosity: Platja de Ses Illetes, “beach of the islets” in Catalan, owes its name to the numerous islets that surround it, which are often small and can only be visited by boat.

Only the island of Espalmador can be reached and visited. To spend a day in this remote paradise (the law prohibits building or modifying the landscape), you just need to take the boat that every day makes a return service both from the port of La Savina and the beach of Ses Illetes.
Being an uninhabited islet, you will not find any facilities or bars! So remember to bring everything you need, including beach umbrella, as there is no shade!

Platja de Llevant

In second place among the most beautiful beaches of Formentera we find Platja de Llevant. Located on the eastern side of the Es Trucadors peninsula, Llevant beach is as fascinating as the nearby Ses Illetes beach.

It is about 1500 metres long and you can choose to stand on the free part or rent a sunshade and sunbed. Here, too, the sand is fine and white and the access to the sea, free of stones and rocks, will allow you to bask undisturbed on the shore. It enjoys a tranquility and a landscape that make it truly unique. The coastline is lined with dunes and rocky promontories that make the area private. For this reason it is probably the best nudist beach on Formentera.

On Levante Beach you will find the famous Tanga restaurant, which also provides sunshade and sunbed rental, and the Vapor Manolito kiosk, a casual place to enjoy a beer.

To reach Platja de Llevant you will have to pay a small toll, which will be used for the protection and conservation of the Ses Salines Natural Park.

Playa de Migjorn

Playa de Migjorn is located on the southern side of the island and its name derives from its orientation, Migjorn meaning midday in Catalan. This is the longest beach in Formentera, measuring 6 km!

It is easily accessible from the long road that starts at the port of La Savina and leads to the village of El Pilar de la Mola. The various accesses that will take you to the sea, mainly dirt roads, are identified by the kilometre that separates them from the port.
So you can easily decide to meet your friends at km 6, rather than km 11, of the road to the La Mola lighthouse. Whatever your access point, you will not be disappointed! The coastline is varied, with golden beaches alternating with rocky coves.

There are a couple of noteworthy restaurants in the area. In addition to the stunning location with magnificent sea views, what characterises these restaurants is the typically Spanish cuisine.
The first one you come across is called Es Codol Foradat and is located at km 8.9. Courtesy and quality are the hallmarks of this restaurant, which we suggest you try for lunch or dinner, so that you can enjoy typical Formentera dishes in the moonlight.
A little further on, at km 9.5, there is Vogamari restaurant: here, too, you’ll be able to taste the characteristic Spanish cuisine in a well-kept and dynamic environment. We recommend you try their paella accompanied by white sangria.

But apart from the restaurants, there is one place that has made, and continues to make, the history of Formentera: the legendary Blue Bar. You’ll find it at km 8 on Playa de Migjorn and you will recognise it immediately thanks to its blue painted walls. The island’s hippies once gravitated here and you can still breathe in that carefree atmosphere. We recommend going there for an aperitif or even after dinner: this is the only place in Formentera where you can party until the early hours!

Just before the Blue Bar there is another historical chiringuito: Lucky. It is located right on the beach and is managed by guys from Bologna (Italy). This kiosk is renowned for its cheerful atmosphere and some traditional Italian dishes. In case you are Italian and get homesick, this is the place to be!

Es Arenals

Es Arenals is the final part of Playa de Migjorn, usually the area between km 10 and 11. This beach is very popular thanks to its size and offers many services to those who visit it. The elegant Casa Pacha restaurant is located here.

The width of the shoreline allows anyone who visits it to find their own space without the ‘sardine’ effect and, just a short distance away, there is the famous Piratabus! The place with the best mojito in Formentera. You must have seen a million photos of this place where the aperitif is a real ritual. In high season you will probably find long queues but, in the meantime, you can make new friends and maybe even find your soul mate! In any case, the wait will be well worth it because their mojitos are really special. Last but not least, if you want to enjoy lunch in one of the most exclusive restaurants in Formentera, here you will find Casa Pacha, a place where you will be pampered from start to finish.

Caló Des Mort

Caló Des Mort is not really a beach but a cove. Located near Es Ram (also on the south side of the island), this small bay embodies one of the unmissable sights of Formentera. First of all, the walk you will take to reach this place is already very suggestive. You will walk along the red earth cliffs and at every step you will be able to admire the spectacle of the sea that stands out in front of your eyes: the countless shades of blue create a postcard landscape.

But when you will see the cove from above that you feel a thrill of wonder. Small, but hauntingly beautiful, Caló Des Mort is definitely one of those places that will remain forever in your heart. It is one of Formentera’s must-visit beaches!

calo des mort beach formentera

The width of the beach varies greatly depending on the tides, but the sea here creates a natural pool. Surrounded by reddish cliffs, this corner of paradise is one of the most famous on the island. Our advice is to go early as it gets crowded from the early hours of the morning. The moment you feel a little cramped, we suggest you have lunch at the nearby Kiosko Bartolo and all your problems will seem to disappear!

Kiosko Bartolo is a blue-tinted chiringuito that serves simple but excellent meals and offers unparalleled sea views. Try their hamburger with a cold beer. There will be a bit of a queue before you get your seat, but it will be worth it.

Es Pujols beach

Es Pujols beach is by far the most comfortable on the island. It is about 1.5 km long and there are a large number of restaurants and bars to suit all tastes and budgets along the promenade. A small part is equipped with sunbeds and sunshade but, most of the beach is free, as is the case in the rest of the island.

At the beginning you can admire the fishermen’s huts. These small wooden constructions were, and still are, used by fishermen to shelter their boats as well as to store the necessary equipment for trips out to sea. They are located on the lively promenade of Es Pujols and are one of the most photographed spot on the island.

The beach is not very deep and varies with the tides, but the sea water is transparent wherever you decide to stop. The tourists who frequent it are heterogeneous but, you will happen to find several groups of families on holiday in Formentera with children as the facilities are greater than in other wilder parts of the island.

es pujols beach formentera

If you decide to spend your day on the beach at Es Pujols, you can only end it with one of the most glamorous aperitifs in Formentera. At Chezz Gerdi you will always be welcomed as a special guest. We recommend combining cocktails with their excellent pizzas, our favourite is the “Iberica”. And do not forget to post the quintessential Formentera photo on your social networks: here you will find the famous hippy bus with the inscription ‘Formentera’.

If you prefer a more informal aperitif, we recommend the People kiosk, located at the end of Es Pujols beach. You will literally be with your feet in the sand. Enjoying a “cerveza” (beer in Spanish) in front of the sea will be one of the best memories that you will carry in your heart. Another great option is to go to Tahiti Beach. This place, open from morning to evening, offers excellent white and red sangria at a very attractive price, and the atmosphere is informal and relaxed. Seeing is believing!

Platja de Sa Roqueta e Platja de Ses Canyes

These two small beaches are located to the north of Es Pujols. To reach them, you have to follow the road from Es Pujols to Ses Illetes beach and, at a certain point, you will see two dirt roads on your right that will lead you to this remote paradise. Yes, because these places are definitely the least frequented and least known on the island. Peace and relaxation are guaranteed even in high season!

If you decide to spend your day on one of these two beaches in Formentera, you should know that Hostal Sa Roqueta is nearby and has a nice restaurant facing the sea.

Cala Saona

Cala Saona, especially in low season, is one of the most beautiful beaches on Formentera. To get there from Es Pujols, you have to reach Sant Francesc Xavier and then follow the signs to the west of the island. The surrounding area is pure Mediterranean scrub and you will be completely enveloped in its scents on the way there.

Once you reach it, this cove will seem like an oasis in the desert. It is half-moon shaped, and here too you have the choice of renting a sunbed and sunshade or standing in the free zones. The sea takes on many shades of blue and the slightly sloping seabed makes this place suitable for families with children.

Cala Saona has a few restaurants and a small chiringuito, with a magnificent view, which we recommend for an aperitif. Also from here you can see one of the best sunsets of Formentera.

Worthy of mention is the famous restaurant A Mi Manera, located on the road to this cove. This place looks like an enchanted garden. The refined décor, relaxed atmosphere and attentive service will ensure that you enjoy a high-level culinary experience. The restaurant’s special feature is that the ingredients are always fresh and in season: they come from the restaurant’s own vegetable garden.

Ses Platgetes

This small agglomeration of beaches comprises three decidedly uncrowded coves, called Ses Platgetes, which means “the little beaches” in Catalan. It is located near the small fishing village of Es Caló de Sant Agustí. In this area, nature grows wild and the vegetation appears in all its beauty.

The first cove you will come across is made up of fine white sand; the second one has both a part of beach and some rocks and finally the third cove is characterised by a rocky ledge that divides the access to the sea into two parts, creating two natural pools.

There are no bars or restaurants on the beach, so you’ll need to bring your own food and water if you don’t want to go to the bars in Es Caló.

Es Cavall d’En Borras

The beach of Es Cavall d’En Borras is less than 2 km from the port of La Savina and belongs, together with the more famous Ses Illetes and Llevant beach, to the Ses Salines Natural Park. For this reason, it can also be easily reached on foot by those who decide to take a day trip to Formentera. In this small beach of fine sand there are some of the most popular chiringuitos of Formentera.

There is the famous Beso Beach (formerly Big Sur) where you cannot miss a photo of the bench with the inscription “No hay verano sin beso”. Instead, if you are looking for a trendy aperitif, you can go to Tiburon, where the atmosphere is definitely cool!
Finally, if you opt for an aperitif where you can relax, we suggest the kiosk Sa Sequi: here you can enjoy a breathtaking sunset, with the sun going down in the sea of Formentera.

We have come to the conclusion of our in-depth analysis of the beaches of Formentera. We can only wish you a fabulous day at the sea!


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