Sant Francesc is the main town of Formentera, in the square, home to many summer events, there is an old church once used as a fortress. To visit during the day especially for the typical shops.

Sant Francesc Xavier (San Francisco) is the largest town and is the official capital of the island with the town hall, the main post office and other administrative offices. In the main square, opposite the town hall, there is a picturesque church, which was used in the eighteenth century also as a fortress.

This is the oldest in Formentera, among those still open today, and its interior very dark for the little light that filters, is due to the old feature that had the building, that is place of refuge to escape from the attacks of pirates and just for this reason above it were also placed two big cannons.

Also in the square, where the church is located, it is customary to celebrate local festivals and events most relevant, which usually gather, in equal measure, tourists and residents, in a joyful and hospitable atmosphere. Moreover in the morning in the typical pedestrian alleyways there are numerous stalls selling handicraft products characteristic of the island.

Probably Sant Francesc is, during the day, the most visited village thanks to the large number of shops, bars and restaurants but especially hippie shops attracts many tourists as you can find several articles that have ties with Formentera. In Sant Francesc there is the only real supermarket of Formentera, Eroski, in fact in the whole island there are many small markets with a very limited choice.

In the center of Sant Francesc Xavier, at the end of Calle Eivissa, Sa Tanca Vella is located, the first chapel built on the island, at the behest of the Bishop of Tarragona, in the second half of the fourteenth century and originally called the chapel of San Valerio. It is a very primitive construction, covered by a barrel vault.

During the period of greatest depopulation of Formentera, vegetation choked the chapel, which was finally restored in the second half of 80s. This chapel was the place of worship of the inhabitants of the island until it was built the church of Sant Francesc.

In the ethnological museum you can find a locomotive, which was used to transport salt to the port from the salt pans, in addition to some collections of tools with which the hard grounds of Formentera were worked, traditional clothes and even blades of a windmill.

Among the many restaurants in Sant Francesc, we recommend Can Carlos and Ca Na Pepa.

With regard to the festivals celebrated in Sant Francesc, 25th July is the feast of the patron saint of the island and 3rd December is the feast of Sant Francesc.

“Every trip you live three times:

when you dream it,

when you live it

and when you remember it. “


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